TRIO Programs

122 West Lake Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
574.631.5670 (Talent Search)
574.631.5669 (Upward Bound)

The TRIO Programs at the University of Notre Dame inspire, prepare, and empower eligible high school students to pursue their college goals. TRIO is home to two college-preparedness programs, Talent Search and Upward Bound.

Talent Search is a college access program that provides academic, career, and financial counseling to South Bend youth in grades seven through 12—empowering them to graduate from high school and continue on to complete post-secondary education.  

Upward Bound equips South Bend high school students to enter and succeed in higher education through intensive academic support and exposure to the college-going experience. 

Our Team

Name Title
Roxanne Gregg Executive Director
Megan Buckler Administrative Assistant, TRIO Programs
Montrice Crump Advisor, Talent Search
Allison Gleiss Advisor, Talent Search
Isela Guzman Advisor, Upward Bound 
Claire Kucela Program Coordinator, Upward Bound
Rafael MarÍn  Associate Director, Upward Bound
Asma Musleh Advisor, Talent Search
Talesha Redding Part-time Advisor, Talent Search
Marie Smith Advisor, Talent Search
Sonya Watkins Associate Director, Talent Search