The Undergraduate Enrollment Division will enhance the University’s pursuit of becoming a more successful, selective, and mission-driven institution through entrepreneurial and innovative approaches that deepen the awareness of the institution amongst priority prospects and applicants.


The Undergraduate Enrollment Division will expand its identification of potential applicants, both nationally and globally, who would benefit from a unique Catholic centered education.  Emphasis will be focused on the relationship of our faculty and university leaders with undergraduates that includes co-curricular experiences of pursuing truth, conducting research, developing leadership, and providing service.  The division will deepen its relationship with students by engaging in thoughtful interactions that articulate the benefits of a Notre Dame education and the corresponding lifelong relationship that is cultivated with our graduates.



Class of 2018 arrives at Notre Dame

Author: Lesley Stevenson, The Observer

Notre Dame’s incoming class of 2018 comes to campus from the University’s highest-qualified applicant pool and reflects the Office of Undergraduate Admissions’ efforts to extend and personalize its recruitment process, according to Don Bishop, associate vice president for undergraduate enrollment.

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A More Qualified Pool than Ever Before

Author: Lesley Stevenson, The Observer

A record number of high-achieving applicants fought for admission to the University this year, illustrating Notre Dame’s increasing selectivity and marking this particular class as “a more qualified pool than ever before.”

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