Vision Statement

To further the University’s role as a force for good in the world, the Enrollment Division will strive for excellence in all its pursuits.

Mission Statement

To build and deepen relationships with students through thoughtful and intentional interactions that lead to enrolling scholars who value a Catholic-centered education.



Notre Dame Restrictive Early Action Program for First-Year Applicants

Author: Don Bishop

Notre Dame’s Early Action program is designed to provide students with the freedom of choosing their college by May 1 (National Candidates’ Reply Date), but also enjoy the convenience of gaining an early evaluation from the Committee on Admissions at Notre Dame.

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Having Lunch with . . . Don Bishop

Author: Kerry Temple, Notre Dame Magazine

[From article originally published in Notre Dame Magazine, Autumn 2014, written by Kerry Temple]

My task is easy. Turn on the recorder, set it on the table and cue Don Bishop ’77 by posing occasional questions. He talks; I eat. As I finish my salad, I notice that Don’s sandwich is still untouched. It is past 1 in the afternoon. I have known Don since he was a young Notre Dame admissions counselor in the late 1970s, but I still feel bad he hasn’t taken a bite.…

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