Pre-College Programs

The Office of Pre-College Programs provides rising high school juniors and seniors with the opportunity to participate in enriching and rigorous college experiences that stimulate their minds and spirits. The office administers the Summer Scholars program, the Notre Dame Leadership Seminars, and the Study Abroad: Rome program.

Summer Scholars is a unique, two-week opportunity that introduces academically outstanding high school students to college-level academics in fields ranging from the liberal arts to the sciences and business. Students also experience the social and spiritual connections of Notre Dame college life in a positive and diverse atmosphere.

Notre Dame Leadership Seminars is a competitive, 10-day program on Notre Dame's campus for advanced students who wish to hone their critical thinking and expressive skills in the company of dynamic peers. Leadership Seminars students engage in vibrant discussions with Notre Dame faculty and other student leaders from around the world. Tuition, housing, and meals for students admitted to Leadership Seminars will be paid for by the University.

Study Abroad: Rome is a 12-day seminar in Rome, Italy that introduces students to the history and culture of the Eternal City, with a focus on the built environment. Scholars representing a range of fields, from art history to anthropology, guide students in their exploration of this fascinating city.

Study Abroad: Ireland is a 12-day seminar in which students discover the rich history and culture of both bustling Dublin and bucolic Connemara, Ireland.Guided by Notre Dame faculty and local scholars, students will embark on an exploration of Irish culture, history, and landscape. 
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