Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Office of Undergraduate Admissions                            574-631-7505
220 Main Building                                                      
Notre Dame, IN 46556-5602                                    

Bob Mundy Director, Admissions 
Gabe Brown Associate Director 
Erin Camilleri Associate Director     
Brendan Corsones Assistant Director 
Mary de Villiers Associate Director
Alisa Fisher Senior Associate Director 
Matt Greene Admissions Counselor
Courtney Kelly  Admissions Counselor 
Shannon Kelly Senior Assistant Director
Brian Lohr Director, Admissions Operations and Management
Ladonna Minarik Client Service Representative II
Monica Newland Senior Assistant Director 
Alyssa O'Rourke Senior Assistant Director      
Chris Perkins  Associate Director 
Bri Prusakowski Admissions Counselor 
LeShane Saddler Associate Director      
Diane Schaut Client Service Representative I
Mary Katheryn Whittington Admissions Counselor 
Gina Thundy   Client Service Representative I
Jan Verwilst    Sr. Administrative Assistant 
Rachel Wallace  Admissions Counselor
Ben Willner  Admissions Counselor