Department of Shared Services

Department of Shared Services                                                   
115 Main Buidling
Notre Dame, IN 46556-5601

Charlie Castline Director of Shared Services
Sue Brandt     CRM Systems Program Director
Myra Chamblee Data Technician
Lindsay Davis  Data Technician
Brendan Halloran Technical Analyst and Project Manager
Lisa Hammer  Senior Data Specialist       
Brenda Jones Data Technician 
Sue Kowalski  Senior Data Technician
Norma Kyles Data Technician
Karen Putt Program Director of Project Management 
Matt Rassi Data Technician
Sandra Sager Data Technician
Caroline Skaggs Data Technician
Amy Van Laecke Senior Technical Analyst 
Elliot Wiley Technical Analyst and Project Manager
Deb Zache Data Technician