Staff Bios

Joyce Lantz

Director, Recruitment and Communications

Joyce Lantz manages the division’s expanded efforts to identify a larger pool of the most talented prospects and is leading the efforts of developing communications that will cultivate a greater interest in Notre Dame among these highly valued cohorts.  She also leads the team that is developing strategies for increasing the direct recruitment of best prospects beginning in their sophomore year of high school.

Joyce has over 15 years of higher education experience, including admissions and marketing positions.  Prior to Notre Dame, Joyce was the director of admissions at Valparaiso University and an associate director of admissions at Saint Mary's College.  She has also served on the executive board of the Indiana ACAC.  Joyce holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s degree in college student personnel administration.

Geoff Young

Associate Director, Communications

Geoff Young is the associate director of communications for the Enrollment Division at the University of Notre Dame.  He leads the creative communications and marketing efforts for the division. He also serves on the University Audience Advisory Council and the University Relations Parents Program Committee.

Geoff spent five years as the director of marketing, and then as the director of communications and marketing, for the Notre Dame Alumni Association, where he led the planning, development, and implementation of all communications, marketing, online engagement, and branding for the association.

Prior to joining Notre Dame, Geoff served as account director at a leading regional marketing communications agency. He began his professional career in the non-profit sector — recruiting, training, and managing volunteers for youth educational programs. Geoff is a graduate of Holy Cross College and Indiana University-Bloomington.