Unveiling the New Enrollment Division

Author: Enrollment Division

Over the past year the Enrollment Division began to implement a reorganization strategy after completing the new OADI process. This reorganization is tiered over a three-year period, and the Division has just completed its first year. The focus of the reorganization transforms our admissions, financial aid, pre-college and early outreach programs, and student accounts capabilities. Notre Dame will increasingly shape its future applicant pools to align with the University’s strategic goals.

“In an evermore competitive environment among the top universities for the most talented students and leaders, this restructuring provides the University with a dynamic organization designed to be assertive in identifying and engaging the best students around the nation and globe that fit Notre Dame’s mission," Don Bishop, Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Enrollment.

During the reorganization process, several new initiatives emerged as part of Notre Dame’s recruitment strategy. One key strategy will incorporate the use of research-informed decision making to make optimal use of resources and to create the best possible outcomes based on strategically constructed goals. In addition, the division will also develop a more sophisticated selection process intended to strengthen our tradition of producing thinkers and leaders that will impact the world in their post-Notre Dame careers. These new initiatives, in addition to others, will advance the quality and diversity of Notre Dame’s applicant pool and elevate the University’s competitive position among the top 20 universities in the United States.

Due to early retirements and the OADI restructuring process, several new positions and hires were made over the past year. These include Dr. Tom Bear, Executive Director of Student Financial Strategies; Kristin Butz, Associate Director of Financial Aid; Dr. Renate Crawford, Director of Engagement for Academic Recruitment; Cindy Santana Cubillo, Event Specialist; Dr. Paulette Curtis, Faculty Director of Pre-College Programs and the AnBryce Scholarship Program; Brian Lohr, Director of Admissions Operations and Management; Dr. Paul Mueller, Director of Enrollment Division Research; Kelly Pratt, Program Coordinator, Pre-College Programs; Karen Putt, Associate Director for Alumni and Parent Relations, RaeLee Ray, Program Coordinator, Pre-College Programs; Rev. Doug Smith C.S.C., Director of Operations and Finance; and Geoff Young, Associate Director of Communications.

Additionally, some staff responsibilities have been elevated. These include Sue Brandt, Director of Strategic Services; Ashley Carlin, Assistant Director, Early Outreach and Engagement Recruitment; Dr. Alicia Coates, Director of Early Outreach and Engagement Recruitment; Alisa Fisher, Senior Associate Director of Admissions; Joyce Lantz, Director of Recruitment and Communications; Mary Nucciarone, Director of Financial Aid; and Gene Pilawski, Director of Student Accounts.

It is the mission of the Enrollment Division to identify, cultivate, recruit, and enroll the top Catholic scholars from across the United States and the world.  The Division strives to increase diversity, broadly understood, first-generation and international students, while remaining attentive to our alumni, student athletes, faculty and staff children, and others.