Pre-College Students Hit the Campus

Author: Enrollment Division

Summer Scholars and Leadership Seminar students hit the campus in July for two weeks of intensive academic, spiritual, and social growth opportunities and the chance to experience daily life as a Notre Dame student.

For over a dozen years, the Summer Scholars program has offered incomparable summer opportunities for bright, motivated and curious high school students who seek to be challenged and inspired. Whether delving into classic texts, modeling solutions to disasters or global health challenges, or finding the best lighting and angle to shoot a scene for an original film, students learn what college-level academics require in the company of like-minded peers from across the nation and the world. 


“This experience has by far been one of the best I have had up to this point in life. I feel as if I have matured, I have found new friendships, new passions, new goals, and have developed an attitude of confidence,” stated Eniyah Willingham, 2013 Summer Scholars student.

The Leadership Seminars expand students’ horizons by placing them directly into in-depth discussions with Notre Dame faculty. In discourse with University professors and their peer leaders from around the country, students depart our campus with the ability to appreciate and value diverse perspectives while confidently voicing their own questions and answers. 

"What I learned in just 10 days makes me so excited for my future as I begin the college process. I have seen in just that short time what Notre Dame and its students have to offer. I want to go back to my home state and continue reading and researching about the topics we discussed in the program. I am so honored that I was chosen to take part in this incredible opportunity,” stated Meghan Flyke, 2013 Leadership Seminars student.