Notre Dame admits 1,960 Early Action Applicants to the Class of 2018 from a record 6,551 Early Action applicants

Author: Enrollment Division

The University of Notre Dame admitted 1,960 Early Action applicants who attended 1,240 different high schools in 46 states and 30 countries.

The students were selected from a record number of 6,551 Early Action applicants. In addition, another 900 were deferred to the Regular Action admission process where they will receive another full evaluation for admission in March.

The academic and personal profile of the 2014 applicant pool was the highest achieved by a Notre Dame early admission admit cohort.

Don Bishop, Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Enrollment, noted, “This year while applications for Early Action increased by 7%, we also saw another elevation in the overall quality and diversity of the entire applicant pool.  The number of applicants with academic credentials and a record of service and leadership that have traditionally gained admission to Notre Dame was up 13%. We are exceptionally impressed with the students who aspire to join the Notre Dame family.”

The median profile of the admitted students place them among the top 1% of the nation in their high school class performance and/or national test scores.  However, more impressive was their leadership and service accomplishments. Notre Dame practices a holistic admission process that views students for their exceptional academic and intellectual promise and creativity as well as their leadership and entrepreneurial records and their heart and sense of service to others.

“We look forward to talking with these students about their goals in life and how Notre Dame can show them a bigger world and an intellectual experience greater than even they can imagine. We also are excited over the next three months to read the Regular Action applicants and introduce them to those who plan to join them in the fall of 2014,” stated Bishop.