Notre Dame admits 1,400 Early Action Applicants to the Class of 2019

Author: Don Bishop

The University of Notre Dame admitted 1,400 Early Action applicants who attend 925 different high schools across the globe. In addition, another 800 were deferred to the regular decision admission process to be evaluated for possible admission in March.

The academic and personal profile is the highest achieved by a Notre Dame Early Action admit cohort.

Don Bishop, Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Enrollment, notes, “this year our admitted pool continues the trend of being more global and diverse than any previous year. The admitted students surpassed their exceptional academic records with even higher levels of achievement in leadership and service. We are inspired and impressed with the students who aspire to join the Notre Dame family.”

The median profile of the admitted applicants places the students among the top 1% of the nation in their high school class performance and/or national test scores. Notre Dame practices a holistic admission process that evaluates students for their exceptional intellectual promise, creativity, leadership, and their sense of service to others.

The University changed its Early Action process to Restrictive Early Action this year, receiving 4,700 early action applications. Students applying to binding Early Decision programs at other universities were not invited to apply to Notre Dame’s Early Action Program.

The total number of applications currently submitted and in process of completion are up by 4% over this time last year. The deadline for regular decision applications is January 1.