Admissions Policies and the Mendoza College of Business

Questions and Answers

Why has the University of Notre Dame implemented enrollment limits for the Mendoza College of Business (MCOB) undergraduate program?

The Mendoza College of Business has experienced a significant increase in undergraduate enrollment over the past few years. To ensure the quality of the student experience within the Mendoza College of Business, the University has adopted a new admission practices for students interested in enrolling in the MCOB.

How many students will be admitted to the undergraduate business program?

Notre Dame plans to graduate about 550 seniors each year from MCOB—about 26% to 28% of all bachelor degrees granted.

If an admitted student enrolls into Notre Dame’s First Year of Studies program but was not one of the students pre-approved to be a business major, can they enroll in the MCOB?

All students admitted to Notre Dame are enrolled in the College of the First Year of Studies. Those students who are not pre-approved to then enter the Mendoza College of Business as sophomores may make an application for internal transfer from the school or college in which they previously stated they intended to enroll at the end of their first year of study. There are no guarantees of acceptance and the process will be exceptionally competitive.

If the pool of business intents in the first-year student selection process managed by the Office of Admissions makes it harder to get into business than to other programs at Notre Dame, what will happen to the business applicant who is not pre-approved into business but judged to be more qualified than other non-business intents?

If admissions for business intents prove to be more competitive than other majors, Notre Dame’s Office of Admissions will contact those students not pre-approved for business and ask them if they are interested in an alternative major. If the applicants, once fully advised of the limited options for internal transfer to business, still choose to accept an offer of admission without the business guarantee, they will be asked to select a different intended major in another school or college.

We understand there are a vast number of applicants whose primary goal is to attend the University of Notre Dame. We want to provide them with other options if Notre Dame is their first choice.

They will also receive a written notice of the first-year transfer process and the odds of gaining admission as an internal transfer to the Mendoza College of Business. This is important to make sure the students are fully informed.

What criteria will be used to determine acceptance into Mendoza’s undergraduate business program as an internal transfer?

The Office of Admissions will work with the Mendoza College of Business to develop a holistic review process for internal transfer applicants that considers relevant cognitive attributes including such elements as first-year academic performance and their academic profile upon entering Notre Dame from high school.  The review process will also consider relevant non-cognitive characteristics relating to a student’s accomplishments outside of the classroom that is consistent with the holistic admissions evaluation that is provided to all first-year and transfer students aspiring to enroll at Notre Dame.

If a student is pre-approved into the Mendoza College of Business must they remain a business student?

Pre-approved business students are free to transfer from MCOB into one of the other colleges or the School of Architecture without formal application. They can automatically enroll in any other program as a sophomore provided they are in good academic standing and enrolled at the University.

Will the other colleges and schools at Notre Dame be implementing similar restrictions on internal transfers?

No, at this time this process is limited to the MCOB.

With this new policy will the University now allow external transfers into Notre Dame to enter the Mendoza College of Business?

In addition to internal transfers, the University will begin to consider external transfer candidates for enrollment into Mendoza’s undergraduate business program.

If students are not selected to pursue a degree in business are they able to take business classes as electives?

Notre Dame offers many options to non-business majors who seek overlap with a business education. These courses and programs will be provided to students seeking this additional layer of education as they pursue other majors at Notre Dame.

How are other top undergraduate business programs managing their enrollment?

Every other top undergraduate business program has taken an approach similar to the one that Notre Dame is adopting.

How large is the Mendoza College of Business compared to the top 20 most selective private national universities with undergraduate business programs?

Among the top undergraduate business programs, Mendoza will retain the highest percentage of seniors earning a degree in business with a graduating class of 550.