About the Division

The Enrollment Division is comprised of the following offices and departments: Office of Pre-College Programs, Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Office of Financial Aid, Office of Student Accounts, Office of Student Employment, Department of Strategic Services, Department of Recruitment and Communications, and the Department of Division Research. 

Enrollment 2020: Our Vision

Be current and innovative

a)  Become an enrollment management division that embraces accountability and is recognized internally and externally as one of the most efficient and effective in the nation.

b)  Invest in the professional growth of enrollment management team members and increase levels of reported work satisfaction.

c)  Communicate Notre Dame’s academic quality and scholarly development of students as a focus in the recruitment message.

d)  Develop throughout the Enrollment Division a recruitment culture that enhances national competitiveness.

Behave strategically

a)  Operate strategically with decisions and practices affirmed through comprehensive research.

b)  Manage the enrollment funnel(s) in order to build the number of qualified student inquiries and applications while also increasing selectivity and yield.

c)  Increase the size and scope of activity in the Office of Pre-College Programs.

d)  Integrate collegiate financing into the enrollment management process.

Increase and broaden the student profile

a)  Maintain Catholicity.

b)  Build student diversity through increased enrollment from underrepresented domestic and targeted international populations.

c)  Improve the academic and non-academic profiles of the freshman class.

Division Philosophy

Notre Dame utilizes a holistic admissions process. While academic performance, course selection, high school rank, an standardized test scores still remain a critical component of the evaluation process; non-academic, personal attributes play an ever-increasing role in the selection process. Attributes such as creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, compassion for others, involvement in service, and a sense of leadership and accountability align with Notre Dame’s priority for dynamic leadership and service.

We strive to identify and recruit extremely academically talented students with exceptional personal attributes. Prospective students are admitted based on our goals to produce compassionate and innovative leaders who are ready to advance change in their community and throughout the world.

More than ever before, Notre Dame is a place for students dedicated to improving their minds, hearts, and spirits.